Enhancing Proposal Presentation

• Fully complete the application.
• Provide a concise project summary in the required 1-page cover letter; the proposal should support this letter. Include amount requested.
• Cite current data and the source to demonstrate need for the project.
• Explain why your organization is qualified to address the issue.
• Describe health-improvement gains made possible from the grant - not just the activities that will take place.
• Outline funding sources in the budget template, and discuss project sustainability.
• Detail any collaboration with other nonprofits that will be involved in the project.
• Describe the project's impact - what will happen?


These documents and websites may be helpful in preparing a strong proposal:

Kaiser Permanente of Georgia Review:
The information provided in these documents and sites can help nonprofits navigate the Kaiser Permanente of Georgia application, develop the application’s Grant Evaluation Form, and prepare compelling proposals.
Kaiser Permanente of Georgia Applicant Tips
Grant Evaluation Form – Evaluating Impact
Writing a Successful Grant Proposal
Committee Review Assessment

Health Statistics & Information:
Compelling proposals demonstrate need for the project, and are based on up-to-date statistics, health trends, and needs. The following sites are a sampling of sources that provide such information..
GSU Health Policy Center
Kaiser Permanente 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment
County Health Rankings
Neighborhood Nexus
Kaiser Family Foundation
Trust for America’s Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
United Health Foundation

Q:What is Community Benefit?

Kaiser Permanente of Georgia cares for people – both inside and outside of the exam room. As a non-profit, tax exempt health plan, our idea of health care goes beyond the walls of our medical facilities and into the 33 counties that comprise our Georgia service area.

Community Benefit supports efforts that improve access to care for all – especially the low-income and underserved. We work to benefit the community at-large by addressing issues most affecting residents' health as documented in our Needs Assessment. Community Benefit is more than what we do; it's who we are.