Community Benefit Programs

Community Benefit is part of Kaiser Permanente's social mission to improve the health of the communities we serve. We do this through programs, services, grants and strategic partnerships. Our idea of health care goes far beyond the walls of our medical facilities, and into the communities we serve.

• We help expand access to health care and coverage through our Bridge, Medicaid, and Medical Financial Assistance programs. Click here to learn more about our access to care programs.

• We share health knowledge through our Educational Theatre Program, and Research Departments.

• Eligible organizations receiving Grants provide access to health care, improve individuals' health measures for particular conditions, facilitate healthy eating and physical activity, and train registered nurses, primary care physicians, and pharmacists.

Q:What is Community Benefit?

Kaiser Permanente of Georgia cares for people – both inside and outside of the exam room. As a non-profit, tax exempt health plan, our idea of health care goes beyond the walls of our medical facilities and into the 33 counties that comprise our Georgia service area.

Community Benefit supports efforts that improve access to care for all – especially the low-income and underserved. We work to benefit the community at-large by addressing issues most affecting residents' health as documented in our Needs Assessment. Community Benefit is more than what we do; it's who we are.